For smart 1:1 customer engagement we need smart people

Full Stack Platform Developer

Our mission is to help companies to engage 1:1 with their customers, at scale.


Remember that last email you sent to a retailer? Or the last call to your electricity supplier? Waiting on the phone, getting a reply after 48h or sometimes even no reply. Imagine you could use your Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to communicate with a company or a talk to a voice assistant that answers your request while driving.

Letsclap is the easiest way to start 1:1 conversations with your customers at scale via conversational agents on Facebook, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, … (using both chatbots, voice assistants and human experts in a hybrid team).

Our SAAS platform has now handled +15 million messages for various use cases from conversational commerce to customer service. We have onboarded our first enterprise customers from the Middle-East to the US.


To help more customers to have meaningful 1:1 conversations with their customers at scale, we are now recruiting a Full Stack Platform Developer. 

As a Full Stack Engineer you will work on both our platform and on the different project implementations for our customers. You will work closely to our international customers from our office in Hasselt (Corda Campus).


What will you ship ?


  • Platform features

you will create, analyze and build features for our conversational commerce & customer messaging platform. With your full stack experience you will implement these features end-to-end.

  • Conversational Agents

you will create chatbots, voice assistants and other conversational agents for (enterprise) customers around the world. You will use our platform and the technology provided by the messaging platforms & voice assistants.

  • You get inspired by our mission
  • You are interested in the world of AI, ML, Chatbots, Voice Assistants and beyond
  • You love to engage with customers and understand their ambitions with Conversational Commerce & Conversational Agents
  • 3-5 years experience in fullstack application development (platforms, apps, APi’s, backend & frontend)
  • Familiar with our current architecture (or prepared to dive into) :

– Frameworks like Angular, languages like PHP and Python

– Messaging apps, NLP, ML and other AI tech

– Cloud Hosting platforms like AWS, Google Cloud


  • You look for technical challenges in a complex platform architecture with third-party API’s
  • You love to ship the best solution but always have a better solution in mind for the future
  • You love to work hard and play hard with a distributed team


Freelancers  are welcome if you can commit structurally for a longer period  (capacity open for discussion)


Today we have our HQ on the Corda Campus in Hasselt, close to Eindhoven, Maastricht and Leuven, far away from traffic jams but on a vibrant tech campus.



Tell us why you want to join Letsclap and what you have been working on so far. Include a Github link or any other reference to your projects.


Send your mail to patrice @ or start a conversation via Messenger


No vacancies for your profile at this moment? Don’t hesitate to tell us why you want to work with us.