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Voice & Conversational experiences for your business

We help brands with their Voice & Conversational strategies. For commerce, customer service and customer engagement.


Since 2016 we work with a selected group of companies on their voice & conversational product strategy, product development and product marketing.


Based on our insights & research we create new voice & conversational products.  With a strong user focus we use our LABS to validate new solutions for user pains.

WOLFTALK – Audio Rooms for business

TEAMCLAP – Team Inbox for customer support via messaging apps

Audio apps

Digital Assistants

Voice Assistants

Mobile Messaging

Augmented Customer Service

Mobile messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, ... have on average more monthly users than social media.

Careem, Middle East's ride-hailing service, used our messaging solution to provide customer service on-the-go to 250.000 Captains (drivers) in 13 countries in the broader Middle East. Captains can simply use their messaging app to start a conversation with Careem. Fast, personal and on-the-go.

Over 55.000.000 messages delivered via our TeamClap platform


Automated Sales

Chatbots and voice assistants are turning e-commerce into a conversation. Your bots guide your customers and take their orders 24/7. Human experts join the conversation where needed.

Conversational commerce is poised to change the way we shop, book and order.

Conversational commerce is mostly suitable for high frequency or simple purchases

Scalable Engagement

To build relationships with your customers you need to add value in every moment of truth. A smart usage of AI allows you to profile their needs better throughout their conversations with your business. Create new smart conversational experiences and improve your customer experience proactively.

Conversational agents like chatbots and voicebots allow your business to reach beyond the standard interactions with your customers. Deeper customer engagement, at scale.

Conversational data are richer and more actionable for deeper engagement

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