HOW IT WORKS is a solution for  customer service teams to deliver customer service & commerce via messaging apps. No need to install anything, you can start in a few minutes. 

Your customers can use their favorite messaging app (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, …) to contact your business for questions or support. No new apps to install or new things to learn. All incoming conversations are grouped in Letsclap and your team can answer them as a team. 

Rich communication
Use images, video, audio, locations and more to resolve conversations fast and easy.
Multi agent
Add as many agents as you need. Work together on incoming conversations.
Choose your channel(s)
Join your customers on Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Wechat.
Easy setup
Setup your account easily from your browser, no complicated instructions on your phone. 
Access your team conversations from any browser. Simply connect to Letsclap and start the conversation.
Connect your apps
Connect your existing apps and bring the right context to your conversation dashboard.
Add your bots
Messaging networks allow you to build and connect a bot for the most trivial tasks.
Register and execute requests from your customers directly from within your Letsclap conversations. No need to switch between applications.
Intelligent conversations
Our technology supports your team to have meaningful and relevant conversations. At scale.

Follow your team performance in your dashboard or gather new insights from your conversations.

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